What is Campus Ambassador?

A campus ambassador is the one responsible for the outreach and publicity of the Lucknow in their college. Simply put, you would be the face of the Lucknow Society  for the students in your college.

Who can become a Campus Ambassador?

Any College Student with a valid College Student Identity Card.

How to become a College Ambassador?

By Simply Registering on the College Ambassador Microsite. You can initiate your registration process by clicking on the “Apply Now”.

How many Campus Ambassador's can be there from a college?

LUCKNOW Society can appoint more than one College Ambassador from the same college if the student participation from that college is large enough. Your appointment will be confirmed via a call after the registrations close. Incase of multiple applications, Campus Ambassadors may be selected on the basis of their performance in a short task given by the Lucknow Society.

What are the conditions under which I will get a Campus Ambassador Certificate?

In order to get a Certificate, Campus Ambassadors will have to earn more than the minimum Cut-off points which would be set by LUCKNOW Society. The Points allocation can be seen under the tab “Points Scheme”.

How much do I have to work to Top the Leaderboard?

Completion of every task on time would keep you on the list of contenders for the top positions.